BAM 006 – PHINMA University of Pangasinan
Arellano St. Dagupan City, Pangasinan
2400, Philippines

Dear My Future Marketsistas, My Self-Claimed Kids:

BRING OUT ¼ SHEET OF PAPER… …. …. PASS NOW! 1…2…3. *Kidding*

Note that this would be a bit long but as you’re reading it, reminisce the fun moments, crazy hoots, unsolicited life and love advices and the springboards of learning that we had for the past amazing five months.

So fasten your seat belts… Ready?

Let me start with the pretty reiterating fact that I must give you a message after that amazing mock interview? No, after that tremendously prepared picture taking sessions, right? But kidding aside, it is an undeniable honor for me to do this. And truth be told, this is the very first time that I am writing an eminent letter to my first ever amazing students.

2015 of June, July, August, September and October are the most prized and cherished months of mine. Aside from the fact that it is my first ever term of employment, I have met 53 young, yet vibrant and vivaciously competitive business management students. And obviously that’s you.

We all know that we mustn’t be together in the four corners of the very historic CB 3 edifice every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 o’clock to 10:30 in the morning.  I must be with the other group of business students but due to the confusing schedules that time and perhaps God’s leading and will, I have received your class list a week after the classes had officially started.

Having been fixed and geared up, I truly cannot forget that one sunny day of June 23 when I first met all of you. You were all shocked with your eyes brightly opened, bright as your yellow-colored college shirt. I admit that my knees were trembling that time. But thank God, my composure and sanity were still intact. As I am introducing myself and had the overview of the course by and by, all of you were just silent – very silent that I only heard your voices when we had checked the attendance. Feels like the atmosphere that time was dense and at the same time, I guess tensed.

Let me tell you this secret. I was really petrified by all of you at first. Imagine I will be teaching block 1 students wherein the Dean’s listers, running for latin honors, achievers and smart people are united? But I was very grateful that it only lasted for a week for you have shown me how respecting and loving you are to me. You have listened attentively to our discussions, answered my questions to your numerous recitations be it oral or written and competitively participated to your various group presentations. I have seen that you had that will to carry on whatever lessons were to be studied, analyzed or presented on our course syllabus by hook or by crook.

Hence, I will never forget that PRODUCT INNOVATION WITH MARKET TEST PRESENTATION of yours. Actually that activity just came into my mind 2 minutes as I am about to enter the room. Then you have really exceeded the expectation I am eyeing for. You have shown me your products at its finest, keen actual surveys from people and how it was professionally presented to the class the business English way. You really did an immense job that time and I am impressed – no, scratch that, I AM REALLY IMPRESSED that day!

You have also seen how my tears ran down supersonic because of great joy. I have seen your 100% cooperation and utmost efforts to accurately answer my questions with the confidence packed with our favorite cardinal, the Keep-It-Short-and Simple (KISS) Principle. You all know what this is all about. A salute – then an infinite Thank You – plus hat’s off to all of you.

But maybe the old adage, “good things will come to its end” is really inevitable. The incredible five months have already passed and I always knew that this day would come. But never did I know that it will be as hard and emotional, coming to a point that I became a celebrity even just for 2 days because of our selfies and groufies. Just kidding.

To the  “ laging tayo ng tayo but sweet” Ramil,

            “ still but composed” Angelica,

            “ ingeniously gorgeous” Almira B.,

            “ ideal partner ni someone someday with the good English”, Renz

            “ lagi lang nakangiting si Tupe”, Christopher

            “ full of ideas and startling” Arnel

            “ BBQ ko– Baby Beauty Queen ko” Abigail Minnette

            “ patient, achieving and appealing bestfriends” Victoria and Maricar

            “ good looking and good man” Ian Kenedy

            “ successful and adaptable ate” Jovelyn

            “ silent asset” Don Don

            “ ideal partner ni someone someday with the good grammar and food” Danica

            “ influentially lovable and joyous” May Ann

            “ competent and gentleman” Bryan Paul

            “ Bold and Beautiful” Ian Robert
            “ Simply Pretty Model” Hilleary

            “ Diligent and Fun” Joshua D.

            “ Cheerful” Ferdinand

            “ Never Say Die” Dhebee

            “ Future Beauty Queen” Coleen
            “ Amazingly Striking and Caring” Claire

            “ Debonair Magnet” Joemer

            “ Smart lady” Ashley

            “ Endearing” April Mae

            “ Pretty Ate” Rosalyn

            “ Caring Babe” Michelle

            “ Alluring” Angel

            “ Achieving and Brave Lady” Dayna

            “ Patient” Judy Ann

            “ Boy Next Door” Fernan

            “ Cleverly Sparkling” Pia

            “ Perfectly Poised” Marlo

            “ Graceful” Gleizel

            “ Lovely” Gellie

            “ Enchanting” Margie

            “ Playful yet Exquisite” Jude

            “ Glamorous” Marjorie M.

            “ Versatile Kuya” Morris

            “ Savvy” Joshua P.

            “ Discerning” Carmela

            “ Cher and Sweet” Sandy

            “ Jovial” Jonalyn

            “ Divine” Almira S.

            “ Silently Stunning” Angelyn

            “ Winsome” Marjorie T.

            “ Radiantly Crackerjack” Richmond

            “ A-1 Lady” Riena

            “ Apt and Cute” Cleaver Lyn

            “ Adept and Quick” Belen

            “ Keen and sensible” Prince Erl

            “ Silent Bombshell” Rico and

            “ Engaging darling” Mary Cris, thank you for the months of shared happiness and learning. It indeed crafted me to become the best into diverse undertakings I have faced and may encounter in the future. Confidence has been added, the profession was leveled-up.

I hope you will not forget the academic and real-life lessons you’ve learned from me. Be the best and remember to not settle for less. I will not say good bye but see you around. Keep in touch and may the odds be ever in your favor. MY PRAYERS AND I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!

We might be apart but I hope you always know~ you’ll be with me wherever I go~Wherever I go~~ (Di ko na gawa yan. Kanta na ni Miley Cyrus ‘yan. Kala niyo lagi namang paka-genius? Pag di na alam o kaya, hindi masamang umalam o humingi ng tulong. Pero hanggang dito ba naman eh business letter format parin ano?)

You are forever cherished,

Ma’am Alpha

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